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Parks And Recreation Explains The Affordable Care Act's Path To Today

The Affordable Care Act is the hot topic lately but most Americans don't know how we got here. Your favorite Park and Recreation Department is here to explain.

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On the campaign trail

Obama was like...

The American people considered it.

but the deeper questions got lost in 'other' topics.

So Obama pushesd it.

Democrats were all like

GOP was like

Each party found their personal sob stories to make their point.

Random person from good ole American town.

Other random person from different good ole American town.

Everyone quickly gets overly opinionated.

Congress members came together to work it out behind closed doors.

But in the public eye it was very polarized.

The Bill passed and Democrats celebrated

GOP wasn't having it though.

People became more polarized

The Supreme Court takes the case.

Everyone became a Constitutional lawyer.

The Supreme Court upheld it overall but altered a few pieces of the law that shifted the balance that the law was put in place to fix.

The GOP promised to get rid of Obamacare but didn't iron out their plans.

Govenors (R) realized that the Supreme Court gave more power to the states. That power was used to keep their states (R) out of expanded Medicaid coverage.

Which gave more power to the Federal Government but created more problems.

Initially the Democrats were like

Then slowly realized this could make a mess.

Then America became obsessed with Miley Cyrus

A GOP minority tried to get ride of the law or shut down the government.

More mainstream GOP came around to the Tea Party's shutdown or defund idea.

Then the shutdown

While Americans are like

The page became overlooked

The Government Reopened... Finally!

Meanwhile the website was doing terrible.

Obama tried to spin it but was still pissed off.

So tech experts were brought in to fix millions of lines of code.

But all the additional workers can't make the people happy now.

Now everyone is all...




Now go be a good American

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