9 Washington Redskins Name Changes That Make More Sense

The NFL team has been asked to change their name almost every year but this year the public is taking notice. Here are the other suggestions that are sooo DC.

1. Pandas

Everyone in that city is obsessed with these fuzzy lazy chubsters…. and the Pandas too.

2. Traffic Jams

Now ranked #1!
Feel proud DC? Do you?

3. Lame ducks

Sweet mascot… check!

4. Papa Razzi

Get it? Get it???

5. Crabs

*insert joke already used by Joe’s Crab Shack to death*

6. Clearances

You have to have a government clearance to live near the city.

7. L’Enfants

He designed this crazy backward city of one way streets so give him a team.

It would also be great to watch Chris Berman try to pronounce this 3 times fast.

8. Fightin’ Vets


9. RG Knees

Symbolizes pain and overcoming it?
Wounded Knee jokes to follow.

too soon?

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