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    8 Totally Portable Projects For Your Summer Road Trip

    These cute crafts are perfect for passing time on a long car ride. (Or on an airplane, or a boat, or wherever your travels take you).

    1. Knot Rope Necklace / Via

    Rope and duct tape in pretty colors are all you need to make this deceptively fancy summer accessory.

    2. Friendship Bracelet


    Ribbon and thick cord makes for an easy 20-minute DIY project (and will help you hold onto road trip memories forever).

    3. Hair Comb


    For keeping the hair out of your face on a breezy beachy day.

    4. Beaded Necklace


    Create a statement necklace to go with any super simple outfit.

    5. Beaded Cuff


    Everyone will be able to hear you coming and going.

    6. Macrame Necklace


    It's like an upscale version of a summer camp craft.

    7. iPad Clutch

    This iPad holder requires no sewing whatsoever, making it a safe project for tiny (and/or clumsy) hands.

    8. Turquoise Necklace

    So much whimsy, can't deal. Now gather your supplies and hit the road!

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