Top 10 Reasons To Donate To Chris Lowell’s Kickstarter

Chris Lowell (Piz from Veronica Mars) made a movie about drinking, dancing and friendship. Now he needs your help to finish it. An exclusive list created by two of the producers from Beside Still Waters on why others have loved this campaign.

Chris Lowell (Piz from Veronica Mars) launched a Kickstarter last week to get his directorial debut, Beside Still Waters, into theaters. It passed its initial goal in the second day, and is still going. Here’s why we think you should kick in too.

1. Whiskey Slap!

A game we play with all of our friends, we decided to write it into the film. Take a shot. Slap as the chaser. Take a shot. Slap as the chaser. Hug it out.

2. Business Horse. Hip-Hop Lion. Paralegal Eagle.

As we reach benchmark goals ($40k, $80k, etc) we release crazy dance videos with crazy characters and cameos. It started as a joke and keeps getting more and more weird.

3. This guy’s in the movie:

Beck Bennett, who is also a recent SNL cast addition and Chris’ college roomie. Say awww.

4. And this guy:

Ryan Eggold aka the hunk from 90210 and now The Blacklist. He’s one of those guys that oozes talent.

5. And this guy:

Brett Dalton from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Brett can melt you with a wink of his eye.

6. And this guy:

Reid Scott. From Veep. We all affectionately refer to him as “the perfect human being.” He’s the coolest guy we know.

7. Lowell’s photography.

Offered as backer rewards:

8. 8. Sweet cameos.

Emma Stone!

Kristen Bell (VERONICA!)

Ryan Hansen (DICK!)

Jason Dohring (LOGAN!)

Emma Stone, Kristen Bell, Ryan Hansen and Jason Dohring have all made cameos in his videos. Who will be next? We promise you’ll likey.

9. Lots of skinny dipping

Skinny dipping photos. Skinny dipping super 8. Who doesn’t love flying through the air in your birthday suit?

10. Happy tears.

Although most of the updates are goofy and involve stories of shenanigans, Chris is super sentimental and really takes the support to heart. We really can’t thank everyone enough who has shown support and become a part of our family. THANK YOU.

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