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40 Signs You Went To The University Of Wisconsin-Madison

When you say Wisconsin, you've said it all!

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1. You Know The Difference Between a Sconnie and a Coastie

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Sconnie = student from Wisconsin

Coastie = student from the East or West Coast, can also include North Shore suburbs of Chicago. Sconnies love to hate on Coasties for their types of clothing, smartphones, and large puffy winter jackets.

2. You Judged People Based On Where They Lived Freshman Year

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If you were a Sconnie, you wouldn't be caught dead living in Statesider or Towers, the Coastie dorms. However, if you were a Coastie, you either lived in Statesider or Towers, or chose Sellery, Witte, or Ogg to be different . NOBODY wanted to live on Lakeshore.

6. You Figured Out How To Avoid Walking Up Bascom, Especially in the Winter


Your tour guides told you walking up Bascom is the equivalent of burning off the calories of one cheeto. You think they are lying. It's gotta be at least a full bag.

9. Game Days Are the Best Days

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14. Jump Around Is Your Weekly Workout

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Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin!

21. No Other School's Halloween Celebrations Can Rival State Street Halloween


Friends from out of town always stayed with you for Halloween weekend, but you secretly didn't want visitors.

22. You've Dropped A Class Because It Was Held at the UW Hospital


You expect me to wait for the 80 and ride it all the way to the last stop? In the snow? For some BS class about healthcare? No thanks.

26. You Love Bragging to Your Minnesota Friends That Wisconsin Has Held Onto Paul Bunyan's Axe For Nine Straight Years

Because, After All, Madison is the Greatest College Sports Town in America

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