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40 Signs You Went To The University Of Wisconsin-Madison

When you say Wisconsin, you've said it all!

1. You Know The Difference Between a Sconnie and a Coastie

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Sconnie = student from Wisconsin

Coastie = student from the East or West Coast, can also include North Shore suburbs of Chicago. Sconnies love to hate on Coasties for their types of clothing, smartphones, and large puffy winter jackets.

2. You Judged People Based On Where They Lived Freshman Year

3. Buying Badger Football Season Tickets Was THE WORST

4. Scanner Dan Has Yelled Something Questionably Offensive At You On State Street

5. You Thought You Were Dying Because of a UHS Diagnosis

6. You Figured Out How To Avoid Walking Up Bascom, Especially in the Winter

7. You Don't Think of the Beach When Someone Mentions the SERF

8. You Own Red and White Striped Overalls

9. Game Days Are the Best Days

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10. You've Pregamed at a Frat House on Langdon

11. You've Watched Bucky Complete Almost 100 Pushups in a Row

12. You Always Wanted to Play Culver's Punt-Pass-Kick at Camp Randall

13. You've Yelled "Eat Sh*t" and "F*ck You" at Camp Randall

14. Jump Around Is Your Weekly Workout

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Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin!

15. You've Ordered Pokey Sticks at 3am

16. And Ian's Pizza, too.

17. You Know That Fights Can Break Out in the Jin's Chicken and Fish Line

18. You Still Haven't Found Better Shawarma and Hummus Than At MedCafe

19. You've Experienced Weeks Where The Temperature Did Not Go Above Zero

20. But Once You Had That First 40 Degree Day in Spring

21. No Other School's Halloween Celebrations Can Rival State Street Halloween

22. You've Dropped A Class Because It Was Held at the UW Hospital

23. You Thought Piccolo Pete Was Just an Orange Santa Clause Freshman Year

24. You Were Either a Memorial Person or a College Person

25. You Had This Quote on Your AIM Profile or Facebook Page

26. You Love Bragging to Your Minnesota Friends That Wisconsin Has Held Onto Paul Bunyan's Axe For Nine Straight Years

27. You Told Your Parents You Needed Money on Your WisCard for Textbooks, but bought Spotted Cow at the Union Instead

28. You've Skipped Class to Sit at the Terrace on a Beautiful Day

29. You Took Map Reading or Hans Christian Andersen to Fill a Requirement, But Struggled to Pass

30. You've Woken Up Early to Go to the Farmers Market at the Capitol

31. You've Taken an Artsy Picture of Union Terrace Chairs

32. Your Name is Carved Into a Booth at KK

33. You've Spent Your Tuesday nights at Bacon Night At Wando's

34. Before Ending Up At State Street Brat's for Flip Night

35. You Know the Best Place to Find Jersey Chasers is at KK

36. You Bragged to Your Friends and Family About That One Time You Hung Out With Football Players

37. Walking on Frozen Lake Mendota is a Must

38. You Spend All Year Looking Forward to Mifflin

39. When You Graduated, You Sat on Abe Lincoln's Lap

40. Although You Are Sad to Leave, You Had the Best 4 Years of Your Life, and You Would Not Change a Thing

Because, After All, Madison is the Greatest College Sports Town in America

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