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    Essential Mini Ponies In Cars

    Sure, your Clydesdale can bring you beer, but can it adorably ask "Are we there yet?" from the backseat?

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    Before we get into this, pop on some Gary Numan.


    For years now, dogs have had a monopoly on life-changing car window experiences. Who says tongue-wagging mini ponies can't in on this action? / Via

    Like, even if the window is open a crack, your mini pony will at least try to get his awesome bangs out into the breeze. Dogs have taught them well.

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    Here's video of that last little guy in case you thought I elaborately Photoshopped it for this piece.

    Facebook: TheClutchPedal / Via

    And it isn't like mini ponies hang out exclusively in grocery-getters and family cars. Sometimes your mini pony might have the need for speed. Driving with hooves can be a problem in race cars, so they enjoy shotgun when they get the chance. / Via



    They don't even take up an entire seat. Can you imagine a clown car full of mini ponies? I'd explode out of sheer joy.


    Even when leaving a car, mini ponies give off an aura of "yeah, I was just in there."



    Twitter: @willhoy42 / Via

    Mini ponies have been known to take impulse trips to McDonald's. CAN I GET A HAY-MBURGER?!


    I'm in love.


    Even if your mini pony has a little more junk in the trunk, a van can be a fantastic pony ride. Literally every mode of transportation gets better with these adorable critters. / Via

    Unless you try to smuggle one to Guatemala on a plane. The only acceptable means of mini pony flight is first class with nonstop sugar cubes delivered to his seat.

    Twitter: @!/stajus67 / Via

    Trucks? Trucks are like cars. You can even keep your mini pony in the cab on a Wal-Mart trip, because he's fun-size.

    Twitter: @AaronShhh / Via

    Or, y'know, just back in the bed, flying down the highway so your mini pony can look as majestic as possible.


    Come on, it's pretty much guaranteed that this guy is getting in that truck bed. Do you see the intricate tailgate? / Via

    When I moved to New York City years ago, I traded in my car for a subway card. The only way that trade pays dividends is if a mini pony trots on at some point. / Via

    Mini ponies make incredible service animals. I bet this one could tell if the D was running local or express through Park and South Slopes late night. NYC JOKE! / Via

    So if the subway is your car, make sure your mini pony is always at your side.


    Always remember to grab your keys and mini pony before heading out for a drive, you're likely to have a way more exciting time than if you only grabbed the keys.

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