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The Social Game That Pays

Fanbit is your dream come true, can you imagine being paid for posting on your social networks?

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Just by sharing jokes, funny content or just your social life to your friends, you would be able to get amazing rewards!

That would be anyone's dream and this dream can come true, with your help.

On Fanbit, every action you take, either by posting, sharing, liking something or just using it, will earn you bitpoints and with these, you'll be able to level up and gain access to amazing rewards. These rewards can range from movie tickets, videogames, drones, gadgets, big discounts and much more.

In addition, unlike other social networks, in Fanbit you will have access to see the video reactions of the faces of your friends, when they open and see what you published; you can meet new friends by their video reactions, and become fan of awesome pages related to your tastes, all of these while you earn bitpoints, as in video games! But, obtaning them in real-life rewards.

The risk of not delivering Fanbit on time is practically none , since all of the back-end and prototypes have already been built and we only need your support in order to finish it.

We invite you to take advantage of technology and finally get paid to have fun!

And we have everything it takes to make this project a reality by creating the best social network/game ever.

By contributing to this campaign, you will get unique benefits, like: a limited edition achievement and double bitpoints for 3 months… remember that, the bigger your pledge, the more benefits you will have!

Help us share this campaign with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and by e-mail, and let’s make Fanbit the greatest social game ever!

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