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23 Things That Will Ruin Your Trip To The Bathroom

Never leave home without your Handi-Wipes®.

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1. The queue.

2. Unisex.

3. Unispecies.

4. Finding a snake in the toilet.


5. Finding a junkie in the toilet.

6. Pubes.

7. Transparent stalls.

8. You open the door and see this.


9. This.

10. This.

11. The head is doubling as an ice chest.

12. Terrible reading selections.


13. The previous occupant used the last match.

14. This.

15. This.

16. This.


17. This thing won't work.

18. This happens.

19. It only has a bidet.

20. This happens to the portable you're using.


21. Somebody forgot to flush.

22. You find this guy.

23. Constipation.