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What The World Was Like The First Time "Titanic" Was In Theaters...

Ah, 1997.

Gianni Versace had just been murdered.

NBC had seven shows in the Top 10.

Pokémon had just been blessed by the Vatican...

...and then Pokemon started giving kids seizures.

14-year-old Tara Lipinski had just become the youngest women's world figure skating champion.

Princess Diana had just died.

Mother Teresa too.

Tim Duncan was the NBA's #1 draft pick.

Steve Jobs got back with Apple.

Microsoft bought $150 million shares of Apple.

Tony Blair was the UK's new Prime Minister.

Scotland had just created its own Parliament after 290 years of union with England.

The 117-year-old F.W. Woolworth Company closed for business.

Lourdes was just a baby.

"Spice" was the best-selling album of the year.

These songs were on the radio all the time:

This was MTV's Music Video of the Year:

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This was what the cover of Rolling Stone looked like that week:

Nicole Kidman was on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Mariah graced the cover of Cosmo.

The Comet Hale-Bopp just made its closest approach to Earth.

NASA's Pathfinder was exploring the surface of Mars.

Gas was cheaper.

South Park had just made its debut.

This is what the Daily Show looked like:

This is what Nickelodeon's daytime schedule looked like:

The English Patient won the Oscar for Best Picture.

The Florida Marlins had just won the World Series.

39 Heaven's Gate cultists committed mass suicide at their compound in San Diego.

Madeleine Albright had just become the first female Secretary of State.

Two robbers injured 17 police officers during the North Hollywood Shootout.

Divorce just became legal in the Republic of Ireland.

Bill Clinton had barred federal funding for any research on human cloning.

These two just got married.

These two got divorced.

These two were still doin' it.