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    Beautiful Stroboscopic Portraits By Gjon Mili

    LIFE magazine has a gallery of photographs by the great Gjon Mili, whose famous 1949 portrait of Pablo Picasso creating a “distorted spatial centaur” with a small flashlight graced the pages of the magazine in 1949.

    Pablo Picasso using a small flashlight to "draw" a figure in the air in 1949.

    Stroboscopic image of FBI agent Del Bryce drawing his gun, 1945.

    Stroboscopic image of a trick shot by billiards champion Willie Hoppe in 1941.

    Ballerina Nora Kaye performing a pas de bourrée in 1947.

    New York Giants pitcher Carl Hubbell throws a curve ball, 1940.

    Choreographer George Balanchine watching New York City Ballet dancers rehearse in 1965.

    Dancer and actor Gene Kelly in a multiple-exposure dance sequence from the movie Cover Girl, 1944.

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