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    Jun 5, 2020

    Here's Everyone Important Who Came On The Last Season Of Fuller House

    of course i'm still crying.



    Vicky Larson, Danny's ex-fiancee from Full House attended the triple wedding! She appeared on an earlier season as well.

    Joey McIntyre


    He appeared on a Fuller House season before too, but this time he officiated the wedding! Candace Cameron Bure (DJ) told US Weekly that she simply called him and he accepted!



    We see you there Viper. Viper was DJ's boyfriend on Full House, and it's great to see that he's back!

    Duane the "Whatever" guy


    Kimmy's ex, who she almost married! He was famous for saying the word "Whatever" to everything!



    This was Michelle's childhood friend, and he auditioned to officiate the triple wedding! Candace said he was probably her favorite guest appearance, because it was so unexpected and just stood out! I have to agree!

    And lastly...


    This isn't the point of this post but, the Olsen twins were not asked to come back on the show. "No. We didn't try. It was made very clear to us early on that they did not want to be a part of the show, so that ended," Candace Cameron told Insider.

    This particularly broke my heart! Michelle was Full House and it's heartbreaking that she never appeared on Fuller House. I had high hopes all 5 seasons, and the fact that they didn't come is so depressing!!!

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