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    7 Essentials For A Kick Ass Launch Party!

    The key to any successful new tech product is a kick-ass launch party! (Don't worry all the customer acquisition, fund raising and scaling stuff can wait till after the party…) Every kick ass launch party has to to have the key elements in place to ensure that everyone is talking about the new product as a rocket ship rather than a sinking ship. So below you will find a short guideline to throwing a truly kick ass launch party!

    7. Energy Drinks

    6. Pizza

    5. Stickers

    4. Photobooth

    3. Old School Hip Hop

    2. Booze

    1. Bouncy Castle

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    For a real life example of a Kick Ass launch party, check out the party wrap up from the recent PromoJam 2.0 launch party in Santa Monica, CA.