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    • promey

      (RL tie-in)
      After King was involved in an accident in rural Maine he created the series Kingdom Hospital, which some people believe was based on his experiences getting well @ CMMC in Lewiston, ME. But what has become local lore (in Maine) is what happened to the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident and the vehicle itself. Apparently King bought the van and demolished it with a sledge hammer on the anniversary of the accident, and even stranger than that, the driver died unexpectedly on King’s birthday. (LOST tie-in)
      King wrote himself into the Dark Tower series, but had mentioned that the character he felt was closest to himself was Eddie Dean. Dean was the template for the popular LOST character Charlie Pace, who was introduced to the series in virtually the same way as Dean (in the DT), and ultimately met his demise in a similar fashion (needlessly and as an extension of conclusion). The LOST team sites King’s works as highly influential in developing the series, and it has been concluded that Jack Shephard and John Locke are essentially 2 halves of main character Roland Deschaine’s personality. Also, the series ended in virtually the same way as the Dark Tower’s extension ‘hot chocolate’ ending, leads many to believe that King had a role in helping to solve and conclude the series starting after Season 3. Also it shouldn’t be overlooked that the main character from the Talisman/Dark House, who many align with Jake (particularly in the Talisman) is named Jack Sawyer, 2 very familiar names in LOST cannon.

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