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    Updated on Apr 30, 2019. Posted on Apr 23, 2019

    5 Online Platforms to Find Viral Content You'll Love

    Today, there are various places to find content, and hundreds of different types of content to interact with. From social media platforms chock-full of videos, photo-sharing apps that feature your friends’ newest vacation pics, and aggregate websites filled with the best content from around the web, you’ve got dozens of options to discover and interact with trending content. Here are a few great options for anyone who wants to discover the newest content on the web.

    1. Feedly

    Feedly is an RSS aggregator that rose up to take the place of Google Reader back in 2013.

    Feedly funnels content from disparate sources around the web into a single location that users can browse through via an app or a browser. Users of Feedly can select content from all their favorite websites and collect it all into a single RSS feed.

    Because of its ease and convenience, Feedly is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to find trending content from new and familiar sources alike.

    2. Reddit

    Reddit is the self-proclaimed “Front Page of the Internet,” and that’s a name the platform has earned through and through. While Reddit is often criticized for not being the easiest or most user-friendly platform, people who have gotten used to it know that it’s a great place to stumble across interesting content, interesting people, and new websites to love.

    For best results, users will want to pursue subreddits, which are forums that focus on particular topics and subtopics. Users who interact with Reddit will love it for its freshness, ability to vote up and down answers, and opportunities to interact with other web users.

    3. BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great place to get a snapshot of the day’s trending topics, top content, and most interesting articles. The site currently ranks as the 294th most popular site in the world and sees more than 200 million visitors monthly.

    While BuzzFeed doesn’t offer the same level of functionality as Reddit (it’s not great for every topic and industry), it’s a wonderful place to identify top content, and the “Trending” page makes it easy to find niche-specific content that’s interesting to you.

    4. Eristica

    Eristica is an app where you can dare someone to do something on video, and they can earn money by doing it. While much of the trending content on the web today is negative or frightening, the material on Eristica is fun, funny, and done in the spirit of good, clean fun.

    To use the app, simply create a challenge, put money down for someone to perform it, and enjoy watching the challenge unfold. The Eristica community is more than 1,000,000 members strong, so this is an excellent place to find new challenges, make new friends, and spend some positive time in your new favorite app.

    The Ahrefs Content Explorer

    Similar to BuzzSumo is the content explorer by Ahrefs. Designed to allow users to search for content according to keyword, timeframe, and other criteria, the Ahrefs Content Explorer is a powerful tool for discovering new content and finding your new favorite websites. The only catch of this tool is that it comes with an Ahrefs account, the prices of which start at $99 a month.

    The Best Content on the Web

    Whether you’re challenging your new (or old) friends on Eristica, browsing Reddit, or scrolling through BuzzFeed, these platforms are all great places to discover new content, enjoy positive new pastimes, and find interesting websites you’ll love for years to come.

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