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How To Survive Halloween Weekend In Corvallis

12 Tips to help you have the greatest Halloween Weekend in Corvallis yet.

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1. Don't dress up as a Clown and stay away from Clowns.

2. Get your Boo-rito from Chipotle ($3 with Halloween costume)

3. Prepare more than one costume, Halloween is on a Monday you'll need a different one for every night.

4. Visit Melon Shack's Haunted Corn Maze.

5. Get your Impulse stamp before you head to Sanchos.

6. Beaver Hut--$2 Burgers

7. Get early to Frat parties, so you can make it early to the bars.

8. Don't ever stop drinking-- especially for a 7:45 PM kickoff.

9. Rivas is always a good idea.

10. Have a walking buddy (Cops triple the weekend of Halloween in Corvallis)

11. Broken Yolk to cure the hangover.

12. When in doubt be a cat, or Jake from state farm.

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