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    • prodie15

      I know this might be weird, but I believe in science,just not the big bang theory or the monkey thing, but I believe in evolution, as in animals changing because of their environments! But the monkey thing …. not really. I think that when God flooded the earth ,the bible doesn’t say ,but a lot of other animals went there. And since obviously he flooded the earth with water, the fish ,and other creatures that live in the ocean were fine, maybe that’s why we find new creatures deep down everyday! Termites can be controlled in ways that don’t involve chemicals. We don’t have to know everything,why don’t we just live life, and chill?! D o you think that science can prove everything!! I like science it makes sense! But how can a personality be created?! A soul? a conscience?!
      (sorry about my grammar, and please if you don’t agree be nice about it):)

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