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Restock Your Home After The Holidays With These 6 Household Essentials

Post-holiday celebrations will leave your supplies depleted. It's time to restock your home with these essentials.

The holidays can empty your home of everyday needs. If you want to quickly restock without the trip to the nearest grocery store, you can head over to Amazon and shop with just a click of a button. We're talking about items for your laundry room, kitchen, and more!

1. A pack of 81-count Tide pods to remove the holiday oopsies — spilled wine, cranberry sauce splatters, eggnog stains — from all of your fabrics. With 3-in-1 technology, these pods act as detergent, stain remover, and color protector.

2. A pack of 30-count Cascade Platinum Dishwasher Pods because who wants to hand-wash the dozens of dirty dishes from your holiday parties? Not you! Formulated with power booster, Cascade will fight through tough residues.

A close up of a single Cascade pod

3. A bottle of Downy Unstopables Scent Booster so your post-holiday fabrics — tablecloth, aprons, table napkins — come out of the washer clean, stain-free, and fresh. The best part? Your items will keep its fresh-out-of-the-laundry scent for 12 weeks!

An image of a bottle of Downy

4. A bottle of Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray for easily wiping away the layer of grease that (gah!) just won't go away even after a few washes later. With this absolute godsend, you just spray, wipe, and rinse. It's that easy.

A close up of the Dawn bottles

5. A box of Align Probiotic Pro Formula to help you digest this holiday's delicious feasts. And we all know the havoc heavy meals can wreak on those with sensitive stomachs. Align can soothe abdominal discomfort, bloating, and gas.

A close up of the Align box

6. A bottle of ZzzQuil Triple Action Gummies because after a long hectic holiday season filled with shopping, prepping, cooking, and socializing, you deserve an uninterrupted good night's sleep.

The bottles of ZzzQuil

'Tis the season to restock your home after the busy holiday season! Amazon has the household essentials you need, including laundry items, kitchen products, and more.

All images via Procter & Gamble.