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    • Nikki pet

      I always looked up to Anne Hathaway. Se was probably the only idol I held from Hollywood that never disappointed me. I realized she was gorgeous after Mia’s cinematic transformation in Princess Diaries. You haters don’t appreciate good looks and talent when it’s there. I feel like in America we’re so used to thin nose jobs and screwy “cat eyes” that if a woman naturally steps out of those lines…she’s horse like. Uh, Megan Fox had her lips augmented and a nose job, and I still feel Anne will turn heads. Have you seen devil wears Prada? Your typical Hollywood slut could never appear like that. Gorgeous big eyes that are noticeable. And her smile is great, just shows how happy she is :) If you’re a happy person, you’ll be attracted to other happy people. Something about Anne is warm and enjoyable. And in such a way I’m taking my time to defend her. There are a lot of wannabe quirks out there, and they annoy me. I feel like Anne is a real person. She’s cool because she’s not. She is modest and also confident, not too insecure and/or pretentious. Just because you don’t have anything to brag about to the whole world, doesn’t mean you got to knock someone else. If you’re so much better, go out there and do what she’s doing. Otherwise, you just sound like a bitter loser. And I’m sure if you met Anne, you’d gush about how beautiful she is. Just because she’s famous you think she needs to look like a typical Hollywood skank. We hold celebrities to stupid standards. So have fun “hating for no reason,” while the rest of us see you as foolish idiots. Nice bandwagon to join.
      Oh, and this article sucks. Is this what pseudo journalists aspire to write? Hate articles? Buzzfeed…you’re something to hate and WITH reason.

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