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    Keep Calm And Mandala On! [Article For Marketing Class]

    Life is stressful. I said it. There are days where you feel burnt out, lack inspiration, or you just do not feel like doing anything. Ever since I was a teenager, I always heard how art can be good for your soul and help you remain focused. Scroll down to read more about Mandala Art! I have made this article for one of my marketing classes. Hope you like it!

    What is Mandala Art?

    Semi-circle mandala

    Basic Mandala Shapes

    Basic Mandala Shapes for Beginners

    Check out this owl!

    Owl Mandala Art

    Mandala Mindfulness

    Circle intricate Mandala

    Mandala and Focus

    Close-up Mandala of Hand Fan

    They only look intimidating!

    Painted mandala

    Feeling extra creative? Here is more inspiration!

    What's your verdict then?