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    • priss

      Just a heads up: #5 18 of the 25 images in the Coriolanus collage were taken from an illegally leaked file of the NTLive broadcast. Check the Donmar Warehouse website to see which ones were officially released. #9 The pic in the middle of Tom walking arm in arm with Chris Hemsworth is a manip. It’s really Mark Ruffalo that he was walking with. (check pictures from the Avengers promo in Moscow for the original) #14 The first quote “When I fall in love with someone…” is a fake. Tom never said that. There has never been a source to an actual interview, print or video. This quote originated from a tumblr account that later admitted to “having had a bit of fun”. #16 The pic bottem left corner of Tom patting Chris Hemsworth’s tummy is a manip (albeit a very good one). Tom was really patting Elsa Pataky’s pregnant belly. (check pics from the Avengers Assemble UK prem for original) #18 The woman in the pic bottom left corner is not Tom’s sister. She is an actress (sorry, can’t remember her name) #19 ” Tom was so so so high from all the buzz when he finished that this happened.” That video was not taken after his ComicCon appearance, but in summer 2011 while he was filming Avengers in Cleveland. #21 Apart from the images top corner left and the two bottom row right, all other images were taken from illegally leaked files of Coriolanus and Only Loves Left Alive. #22 Image top row second from right is Benedict Cumberbatch, not Tom. Lovely derrière all the same, though. #25 The two images of Loki lying down on the floor are not Tom, but cosplayers. #31 Bottom right corner - again, this image was taken from the illegally leaked file of the NTLive broadcast of Coriolanus. Thanks for an otherwise hilarious and accurate article!

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