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Secret To Lasting Relationship

Every lady wants the best for themselves and I must confess they deserve it but our hands are not the same but you can stretch it. Guys please let be a man, work hard to give your girl the best

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Secret To Lasting Relationship

Am sure higher percentage of people don’t fast and pray to know what kind of friend fit in to our lives because we are mostly likely to be sincere and plain with ourselves but when the matter of relationship comes in you hear am confuse, are you really confuse or your interests are confusing you? How sudden we don’t know the woman or the man that loves us from the one we wanted?

Interest List

That a girl doesn’t know who loves her is a lie but that her desires/interests guy doesn’t love her is the problem. What many of us want is how to convert the guy/sister that meet up our interest list but doesn’t behave or look the way we wanted. That we all must differentiate between our interest list (financial status, appearance, location etc) from the man/woman that truly loves us is the important thing.

The Truth

Every lady wants the best for themselves and I must confess they deserve it but our hands are not the same but you can stretch it. Guys please let be a man, work hard to give your girl the best, imagine you gave your daughter the best education and comes back home with a man like you, will you be happy or not? Just put yourself in their shoes imagine yourself and be sincere with your answer.

Qualities expected of both Male and Female in Relationship

Dynamism (Males): Give her something to hold on to, something convincing enough of a better future. Even bible says Faith is the substance of things hoped for, Heb11:1 KJV, where is the substance she is seeing to hold her faith together even in this your little beginning? That substance is what you will be giving her a daily report of improvement on. One thing I know about females is if it convincing she will follow you. Just ensure she has something to say or point out to her friends during their female gists. Nothing cracks females from the inside like unable to defend her guy nothing to say concerning him to her friends, that’s there pressure and not all females are strong enough to stand it. When your girl begin to misbehave something is cracking her on the inside and mostly vote of no confidence, that you are a mechanic is not the problem but that she cannot see the future she desire in it is the major problem. As a man you need the ability to win her trust and her misbehaving will be corrected. All she need is a man in you.

Uniqueness (Males): You must be sensitive to know when your girl’s desire is overcoming her faith in you because females tends to think more of their future with a guy that’s their own internal force, that’s the time you give her a warm positive identity of you. Something that will make her calls her friend and tell them what you did. Just a little gift of surprise, Note: When a man withdraws his resources from you that’s a man without love, you don’t need to ask before he knows he should buy something to cheer you open. It’s a normal thing to give without a sense of sex attach even if you are carried away with the emotional atmosphere of that moment a real should hold you back together. Males are protector, if your guy is devaluing you run.

Faith (Females): You don’t know what “I believe in you” means to a man when you say such, you are practically fueling him. Nothing empowers a man like hearing words of faith from his girl just a like to his posts on facebook, upload his pics on your dp sometimes etc Males know when a girl is not proud of them because that’s what females does naturally if they are satisfy with their guy. If you don’t believe in him just let him know and release him and look for another because Males are image of Godhead himself only by faith will he be productive. Males have been hurt by females a lot via lack of faith in them and in turn to this hurt is sexual harassment we see in relationship because that’s the only way males think they can get revenge. Infact our world is only experiencing revenge and vengeance of hurts in relationships. A female thinks I will drain him why on the males head I will finish her, oh God heal us.

Values (Females): It takes a lion to pet a lion no matter what if a lion is crying the boldness of a goat will not go and pet him. It so much important for females to meet up to standard of the male she desire. Males like earning praises via their girl, some females are bore beautiful without anything upstairs. When a female lack something upstairs demands are made on something downstairs. Try to expand your horizon build yourself earn respect for him not from him, they are different. Keep him wondering of what he will lose if he decided to leave you. Values commands attention beauty commands attraction the two forces keeps your audience that’s the inner forces of females. Your man will stay and will be soaked in love.

I guess I need to rest my pen now because this will be my last post this year and I wanna say sorry to those have offended this year and to you all I love you so much you know servantboy loves you indeed.

God bless.

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