Here's A List Of The Main Characters In "Queen's Gambit," Ranked From Worst To Best

    Jolene is the best!

    10. Allston Wheatley

    A man is holding a suitcase as he is making his way up the stairs

    9. Helen Deardorff

    A woman is sitting at a desk, wearing pearls and smiling in a friendly manner

    8. Matt & Mike

    A set of twin males are sitting together at a table, looking at someone who isn't pictured

    7. D.L. Townes

    A man is wearing a camera around his neck with his head tilted down

    6. Harry Beltik

    A man is sitting at a chess table, concentrating very hard

    5. Benny Watts

    A young man is sitting in a comfy couch wearing a top hat and leather jacket

    4. William Shaibel

    An older man is sitting at a table with a board of Chess in front of him

    3. Beth Harmon

    A woman is seated at a table, concentrating while folding her hands

    2. Alma Wheatley

    A woman is lounging in a sofa chair while casually reading a paper

    1. Jolene

    A woman is leaning against a door post looking concerned