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    7 Reasons Why...You Should Write NOW!

    So, you want to be a writer? Or maybe you aren’t convinced. Either way, you should write now more than ever before. Your voice matters.

    1. The world won’t know your opinions unless you share them.

    Everyone has opinions to share. It is one of those things that keeps our world going. Without ideas about the future, how could we move forward as a society? Instead of sharing your opinion with your roommate or neighbor, tell it widely. Don’t limit your views to people who agree with you or who just nod because you're talking passionately. Your idea, opinion, or thought could just be something a person needed to hear.

    2. Writing is a skill every employer wants you to be good at.

    Having ideas is great, but if you can’t put those ideas out on paper or communicate them effectively, they won’t get you very far. The more you write, the better you get at it (sometimes unknowingly). This skill goes beyond writing an email. If you can pitch a product to another company, convince someone to join your team, or simply write passionately about your organization's mission, you will go far and your work will be noticed.

    3. It makes you smarter.

    According to a recent study, the more you write (by hand or by typing) the better your cognitive skills are, especially when you start as a child. The more you write, the better you are at communicating quickly and effectively. In addition, writing targets parts of the brain where memory and critical thinking are needed. It exercises the mind! In addition, when we write, we think more creatively about problems and how to approach specific situations.

    4. You have a story.

    You don’t have to be famous to share your story. The most authentic stories come from “everyday people.” Your journey is unique, and you would be surprised how many people can relate to your story or needed to hear it. Writing helps you get it out into the open!

    5. It’s fun and relaxing.

    Writing allows you to speak your mind and get your thoughts in one place. When we are stressed and full of emotions, writing can be refuge. Whether you are sharing stories about your day or creating an imaginary world for only you to visit, writing is fun and creates harmony. You are taking time for yourself.

    6. You can get paid.

    Yes, paid! Some people have careers freelancing for national and local publications. It is exciting to get your thoughts out to the world and get paid for doing what you really love. Publications like to hear from unique voices and people on the ground in the community living the story. Many people - be it researchers, professors, or scientists - write on the side to share their work with communities.

    7. We need more writers.

    You aren’t bad at writing. You don’t need to go to an ivy league school to be good at writing or to get paid. Your voice matters. If we don’t have people to cover stories or share experiences, we will communicate less as a society. Communities thrive most when we communicate and get to know each other, so write. Share. Reflect.

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