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"Will & Grace" Is One Of The Best Shows Of All Time, And Here Are 7 Reasons To Prove It

Besides the fact that it completely changed the course of television history.

1. It celebrates LGBTQ+ culture.

Screenshot of a scene from Will and Grace: Will says "hey, hey I'm not gay." Jack is holding up a Dreamgirls record, and he is saying "Well, this well-worn copy of the Dreamgirls soundtrack begs to differ."

Will & Grace became one of the first shows to have a leading character be openly gay on primetime TV. Will Truman is a lawyer, and the show follows his rise to being a partner at a large NYC law firm. Will struggled to come out to his former high school girlfriend Grace Adler, but best friend Jack McFarland helped him come out. “Aren’t you tired yet?” Jack would ask.

Instead of giving viewers the common straight couple sitcom, it recognized gay characters during a time when they were barely represented on TV. It told the story from Will and Jack’s perspectives, and shows how hard it was to be yourself in 1990s America.

2. It’s about those friends who are family.


The first time I watched Will & Grace, it gave me a comfort I won’t forget. The 1990s apartment with two best friends hanging out on a Saturday night reminded me of my life and the power of friendship. Two best friends live together and experience the ups and downs together.

SPOILER: While the original final season’s ending is heavily debated, it did show that sometimes friends come back into your life when you need them most. Will and Grace needed to be apart for some time to experience what the creators said was a “traditional” home life (Grace with a husband and child) before realizing their own definition of family was what mattered. Will and Grace struggle to be in long-lasting relationships because they can’t imagine a relationship without the other person. When Will and Grace reunite, their friendship is even stronger because they experienced being apart.

3. It’s not all about romantic love.

Will and Grace hug on the streets of NYC

While Grace Adler and Jack McFarland experience their fair share of lovers, the show is truly about broad love, not just romantic love. Each character cares deeply about the other, and if Karen and Jack’s “Unforgettable” performance doesn’t say it enough, the show teaches viewers that your soulmate and true partner doesn’t have to be romantic. It can be your best friend.

4. It teaches you to follow your dreams.


Jack McFarland is known for being an aspiring actor. However, after disappointing auditions, he can never seem to get that job to put him on Broadway (SPOILER: until he does!). He tries nursing school, and while he is good at it, he realizes his true love is acting. He always goes back to it, and Will and Karen continue to support his passion. Each character has their passion, and they work hard for it instead of going the common route.

5. Karen Walker is a badass.

Karen leans into Will's face and says, "Nobody matters but me. Goodnight!"

Considered the best character on the show by many, Karen Walker is the alcohol-loving rich lady who works for Grace even though she doesn’t accept the payment. Karen supports her “poodle,” Jack (paying his rent and buying all the goods for his random new interests), and does everything she can (in her own way) to support Grace and Will too.

6. It’s real.

Grace has her face on Will looking somber, while they sit in a pink bounce house for children.

Will and Grace have lunch together everyday. The boys that Grace meets seem good at first, but break her heart in the end. Will knows everything about Grace and vice versa. The friend group does everything together (while making fun of each other simultaneously). Now that is friendship.

7. And last but not least, it’s hilarious.

Jack is standing in a kitchen, saying "You know anger doesn't really go with what you're wearing."

The show is probably the funniest thing I have ever watched. Its one-liners, especially by Karen, truly hit it out of the park!

Are there any other reasons you love Will & Grace? Let us know in the comments below.

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