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"Will & Grace" Is One Of The Best Shows Of All Time, And Here Are 7 Reasons To Prove It

Besides the fact that it completely changed the course of television history.

1. It celebrates LGBTQ+ culture.

Screenshot of a scene from Will and Grace: Will says "hey, hey I'm not gay." Jack is holding up a Dreamgirls record, and he is saying "Well, this well-worn copy of the Dreamgirls soundtrack begs to differ."

2. It’s about those friends who are family.

3. It’s not all about romantic love.

Will and Grace hug on the streets of NYC

4. It teaches you to follow your dreams.

5. Karen Walker is a badass.

Karen leans into Will's face and says, "Nobody matters but me. Goodnight!"

6. It’s real.

Grace has her face on Will looking somber, while they sit in a pink bounce house for children.

7. And last but not least, it’s hilarious.

Jack is standing in a kitchen, saying "You know anger doesn't really go with what you're wearing."

Are there any other reasons you love Will & Grace? Let us know in the comments below.