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    7 Reasons Why...You Should Learn Politics NOW!

    Because lives are at sake. So...register to vote!

    1. It’s our duty as citizens.

    As citizens, it is our fundamental right and duty to vote. However, voting isn’t the only way to “get political.” Before we vote, we need to understand who the candidates are and what they stand for. Being informed and educated about the leaders in our country is critical. Some people don’t want to talk politics because it can be a divider (two people arguing about their stances on an issue). However, getting political doesn’t mean arguing. It means understanding politics and how it impacts our daily lives.

    2. Your life is at sake.

    Sometimes people don’t understand the impact politics has on our lives. No more “that doesn’t impact me” responses because everything impacts everyone. One example is climate change. You might not care if a political candidate doesn’t believe in the impacts of climate change on the environment, but you will if we don’t have a world to live fifty years from now (or even less!). What about healthcare? If you lost your job and needed surgery for a life-threatening injury, what would you do if you couldn’t cover the cost? As such...

    3. Issues matter.

    Politics is the closest thing we have to impacting the future in a positive way. The issues discussed on the debate stage aren’t just for fun. Foreign affairs, economic plans, student loan elimination costs, and more all determine how we live our lives. The issues are called “issues” because one mistake can drastically impact billions of lives.

    4. It’s our reputation.

    You might not think another country cares what we do here in the U.S., but that couldn’t be more wrong. From trade negotiations to traveling bans, countries are interconnected. If we are looked on poorly by one country, some of the luxuries you have right now won’t be there any longer. For example, study abroad opportunities, career advances internationally, or something as simple as a product or good coming in from another country. Countries rely on each other!

    5. Think about future generations.

    The question of whether or not we have a world to live in is brought up again here. Climate change could severely impact whether or not we have a planet for our children or grandchildren. Maybe it won’t impact your lifetime, but everything you’re doing now won’t matter if the world ends. Would you want your child, grand child, or best friend’s kids to suffer because we didn’t study up on candidates before voting?

    6. It’s thrilling.

    The odds of meeting a celebrity in real life are slim, especially the odds of working for one. However, in politics, candidates are celebrities. Real-life people work for the Obamas or the Clintons. They are marching alongside TIME icons and in press rooms with national correspondents. If that is not thrilling, I’m not sure what is.

    7. You are a part of history.

    The choices we make as voters matter. From who we elect as Mayor in a small town to the President of the United States, our decisions make the history books. Let’s be proud of the choices we’ve made. To do this, we need to understand the issues facing our country and what each elected official is going to do about it.

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