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    7 Reasons Why...That 70's Show Says A Lot About Culture

    Hanging out...DOWN THE STREET! Besides the lit theme song, that 70's Show demonstrated how difficult it was being a woman and a person of color in the 1970s.

    1. Donna loves Eric, but also wants a career.

    Remember that time when Donna told Eric that she wasn't just going to sit at home with their babies while he works? Also that time when Donna schooled Kelso about college: "No, college is for women who don't wanna marry the first idiot they meet and squeeze out his bastard moron children."

    2. Women want to do more than just be a "wife."

    Bob doesn't like it that his wife wants to fight female stereotypes and do more with her life.

    3. Being a foreign exchange student in the1970s was difficult.

    FES stands for Foreign Exchange Student. The alarm went off when Fez first told the gang his name. Before Fez meets Hyde, Kelso, and Eric, he gets bullied by a group of students who hang him in a closet. Red also calls Fez "the foreign exchange kid." This shows the harsh realities and racist tendencies of white America in the1970s.

    4. Kitty Forman was a working mom.

    Kitty Forman also balanced work (being a nurse) and taking care of her family, especially when Red didn't have a job.

    5. Let's not forget Jackie's commitment to herself.

    Jackie could be a lot sometimes, but she knew what she wanted and stopped at nothing to achieve her goals. She learned how to get a job and earn money herself. Unfortunately, Kelso only liked her for her looks.

    6. Kitty and Red adopted Hyde.

    Hyde was made fun of a lot for "not having parents" but this shows how "traditional family" focused the 1970s was. Kitty and Red loved Hyde like a son and showed that family isn't always conventional.

    7. Friends are family.

    Growing up in this crazy world is hard, but good friends help you through it.

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