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You Can Now Get A Can Of Pringles Named After You

Feel like something's missing in your life? It's probably your name and personalised Mr P character on a Pringles can.

I love chips. I love chips a lot. If I could, I would list chips as my emergency contact because I love and trust them more than any living human. Chips have never let me down, and now, the legends at Pringles have found a way to bring us even closer together.

"Hey, Ryan, would you like to see your name on a Pringles can?” the Pringles people asked.

“YES, YES, I would,” I answered.

“Are you down for making a Mr P–style avatar that looks like you?” they continued.

“So down. So very down.”

This is my story.

The first thing I had to do was buy two specially marked cans of Pringles. "If I must," I thought.

Then I popped them open and looked for unique codes beneath their foil covers.

I may have eaten a few as well.

Once I had the codes, I went HERE to create my personalised Mr P avatar.

Next, it was time to create my Mr P–style avatar.

After apologising to the real Mr P for trying to change him, I picked my skin tone and nose.

Next I picked a pair of peepers for my personalised Pringles. (Try saying that five times.)

Then I played around with my hair and mouth until Mr P me was looking hot AF.

And I finished it off with a cat filter because whenever there's a cat filter you have to use a cat filter. It's the law.

Proud of my mad art skills and impatient for my can label to arrive, I downloaded and shared it on 1,700 different social media platforms and group chats.

Want your name and personalised Mr P on a Pringles can? Or fancy making one as a gift for a friend or rello? Of course you do! Click here.