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15 People Visualize How They'd Love To Retire

These people have it all figured out. Whenever you start thinking about retirement, count on Principal Financial Group to help guide you.

1. A Fanciful Retreat

Gabriel Pascal Productions / Via

"I will do everything in my power to live like a grouchy but dignified British gentleman. I would live half the year in the city where I would do very little other than drink, read, and take walks, and half the year in the country where I would write and ride horses. I would have a butler who gives me coffee and cleans up after me (I won't have learned to be less of a garbage person when I'm old) and I will have a smoking jacket and slippers."

—Hannah C.

2. A Natural Approach


"My dream is to become a park ranger. I'm not sure if I'd be able to pull off the uniform, but I assume I won't care by that point in my life. This way I'd get to travel across the country and admire all that nature has to offer. I think about telling ghost stories at the Fire Island National Seashore, and teaching kids about geysers in Yellowstone about three times a week."


3. Whiskey Sans Zombies, Please

Michael White Productions / Via

"I'd open up a whiskey distillery. It would be accomplished through a countryside farm, but instead of a farmhouse, I'd have a multiple-storey fortress tower, topped with archers and catapults that would fling flaming ammunitions to any who come near. I'm assuming the zombie apocalypse would've happened by this point. This way, I'd have the ultimate protection I'd need to live out my days zombie free."


4. Long Braid, Don't Care


"I picture really, really long grey hair in a braid that gets thinner and thinner toward the end and trails to the ground. I also plan to wander around food markets and eat lots of samples, and they can't arrest me because I am too old. Oh, and lots of caftans."

—Anne Louise

5. Jammin' to the Lights

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"I plan on merging three separate dreams: 1) developing a crafty technical skill (think 'jam-making'), 2) living in one of those igloos in Finland where you can see the Northern Lights, and 3) owning a beagle."


6. A Castle Fit for an Artsy Queen

Pathé Renn Productions, / Via

"I'd love to live in a castle in some sort of non-American countryside that has themed rooms and publish adult limericks and make art in my huge studio with my dogs, birds, aquarium, and reptiles. I want to build and decorate insanely elaborate dollhouses and then display them in galleries and auction them off to charity. I also want to have a ranch with therapy horses since equestrian therapy for an array of mental afflictions is something I believe in strongly."


7. Paint the Town Black

Finishing the Hat / Via

"I'm going to open a pub/animal sanctuary called The Black Cat. Plot twist: We only re-home black cats — because those are the ones most likely to be put down due to their 'boring' color. We'll brew our own gin and keep chickens in the garden for eggs."


8. A Zine and a Smile

StudioCanal / Via

"I'm gonna produce a magazine called Geezer that's just weird pictures of me trying to say the word 'geezer' to the camera. That and limericks."


9. An Arcade of Her Own


"I want to open a bed-and-breakfast/pub in Edinburgh, Scotland. It'd look a lot like Skyfall, and the pub from Shaun of the Dead. I will also have a room full of vintage pinball machines. These will not be for guest use."


10. As Long As There's Wine...

Bravo / Via

"I want to open a winery...or at least buy a fully functional one and just enjoy it with all my heart, and my taste buds. I also plan on owning all the latest and greatest electronic gadgets so that everything is wireless and seamless and perfect and I can order anything online."

—Hannah L.

11. Off to a Whimsical Land

2 Thinkstock

"I will retire on top of the highest mountain in Malibu where my visitors will be greeted by a wizard and a crystal suited for their abilities at the foot of the driveway upon arrival."


12. It's a Dog's Life


"I plan on building my own cabin along a creek or pond somewhere in the mountains. I'll have some dogs that will follow me around everywhere I go — hiking, errands in town, fishing for dinner, tending the garden, splitting wood, raking leaves, plowing snow, etc. It'll be nice."


13. Capra and Biscotti / Via

"I'd love to live in a tiny Italian village with a huge backyard where I'd keep 17 pygmy goats. I'll be baking cookies all the time and sometimes making animal-friendly cookies for my goats."


14. Sweet Mustachio

Miramax / Via

"I'd like just to chop wood for a fire most nights and drink good drinks with good people around it. Go to the beach like at least once a month just to float face-up out in the water. Spoil the crap outta my grandkids like, 'Guess what I baked this time?!' or 'I heard you like trains... Guess what, we're touring Europe in one week, pack your things.' I can also daydream of me wearing argyle socks all the time, walking around yelling at teens about, like, 'Do y'all even listen to [Schoolboy Q or The-Dream or Led Zeppelin]?! Do you?!?!' Maybe throw some flash drives at them or whatever. Also, I'll grow a ridiculous mustache and make my catchphrase 'In here, it's always no-shave November' or something equally nonsensical. Yup."


15. Settle in a Hotspot

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"I want to live in a cabin either at the bottom of or on top of a volcano in Iceland. And yes, I will also have a lot of dogs."


Come on, we all want to retire sooner rather than later, and The Principal can totally guide you in the process. So what's your retirement vision? Tell us how you #SeeYourRetirement!