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Why TMNT Is Basically A K-Pop Boy Band

Hey, does anyone want to play Buck-Buck?

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1. Overview


In recent (and not-so-recent) years, the genre of Korean Pop, or K-Pop, has become a global phenomenon. Besides having catchy, uptempo pop music, another important thing about K-Pop is its exquisite presentation. The artists, known as idols, have to train for years before they finally debut, and as a result, they are experts in dancing, singing, and, sometimes, acting. In the K-Pop industry, talent is very important, along with looks and style.

2. Roles


Within the groups, members are usually assigned roles. There are lot of different roles, like Main Vocalist, Lead Vocalist, Main/Lead Dancer, Rapper, Visual, Face, and then the normal Vocalist, Dancer and Rapper positions, and then two opposite ones: the Leader and the Maknae. The Leader leads the group (obviously) and tends to be the oldest and most mature of the group. The Maknae is the youngest, who usually tends to be rather mischievous, and channels a more cutesy vibe.

4. Leonardo


Leonardo's role as the Leader is pretty obvious. He's the oldest of his brothers, and besides being extremely smart, strong, and tactical, he is fiercely loyal and obedient to his adoptive father, Splinter. Though the boys can get a bit unruly at times, they always look to Leo when they need to come together, (Splinter notwithstanding) and he feels very responsible for his younger brothers.

5. Raphael


Strong, hotheaded, and arguably the most loyal of the brothers, Raphael is probably the Main Vocalist and the Visual. Raphael is never one to hide his opinion, and can get into some pretty vicious arguments with Leo and Mikey, ergo the Lead Vocalist. He is also a bad boy of sorts, and the strongest of the group, which could work for him as the Visual.

6. Donatello


While Donnie is known for being the brainiest of the brothers, and rather nervous at times, he is nevertheless a master of the Bo stick, and a fierce fighter. He is very acrobatic and flexible, and even dances with April on occasion, so the role of Main Dancer goes to him.

7. Michelangelo


Humor, style, good music taste, mad nunchuk skills - Mikey's got it all. He's also the youngest, which would make him the Maknae. Though he may seem immature, and is easily swayed, (by pizza, no less) he is an eternal optimist, and is very good in a fight. I mean, who else would have thought to use Buck-Buck in a fight? Michelangelo is the cutesy one who is always laughing, and, sometimes rapping, which gives him the title of Rapper. He can rap and drop a sick beatbox anytime and anywhere, from a kitchen to a moving elevator, and even convince his brothers to join in. His style is also very rapper - note the sunglasses, bracelets, and even the shell necklace, (early 2000's throwback, anyone?)

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