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A High School Baseball Team Covered Katy Perry's Teenage Dream And It's Absolutely Magical

Don't ever look back, don't ever look back.

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Baseball. When you think about the word, what pops into your head? Maybe you think of tobacco, the Red Sox, cork bats, home runs...whatever it is, it probably has nothing to do with music. 'Cause let's be real. What does music have to do with baseball?


It starts out pretty lowkey - just another long bus ride with the team, and everyone's asleep.


Then one of the players sits up and starts singing.


And then this other guy joins in.


Eventually, the rest of the team sits up and starts dancing...


And the coach is still just driving, totally oblivious to the amazing Katy Perry-ing going on in the backseat.

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The rest you'll just have to see for yourself here.

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