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Tortured More Than Words Can Show, Loved MORE Than Words Can Know!

A poem describing recovery from severe trauma. CP, this is for you: By: Princess Leia Lucas® ; of all of the Princess Leia Lucas® Foundations - for Trauma Recovery; IFNBT, FOSTER and Life Force Recovery

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Tortured more than words can say,

Tortured beyond abuse, or a need to pay,

Tortured ‘til words just…go away,

Tortured past any self-control,

Tortured past any body’s hole,

Then Tortured beyond; your mind they stole,

Tortured each night, to the end of day,

Tortured ‘til the brain is far away,

Tortured beyond the ability to pray,

Tortured too much for it NOT to show,

Tortured too Small, to even know,

Tortured too often, to ever again grow,

Tortured beyond man’s ability,

Tortured until all eyes can see,

You’ve no one left to claim to be,

Tortured past your Object Role,

into an ever-bleeding bowl,

Tortured through to your very soul,

Tortured too much for life to feel,

Tortured beyond the need to heal,

Into a coffin, ready to seal,

Tortured until time simply stands still,

Tortured to suicide, death, take a pill,

And Tortured beyond – anger’s Need to Kill,

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Tortured till rapists themselves are through,

Till there is no choice, but to make a new you,

Till only one course is left to pursue,

Tortured ‘til only a Force can reach you,

Till those who LOVE, do grab, hold and glue,

Then LOVE till attached, to pull and rescue,

LOVED till you feel, and know what to do,

LOVE them right back, each attack, till they’re new,

Teach LOVE in return till The Force pulls them through,

Now LOVE ‘til the Bond grows strong, yet unbroken

Till the ONLY real “cure” is this power, unspoken,

Till there’s only one way for The Dead to be woken,

One toe, one tap, one touch at a time,

Through ubiquitous pain, renew life, on a dime,

And find Love’s Force, as we entwine,

Now LOVE till your heart feels ONLY this cure,

LOVE till life decides to endure,

LOVE till Hope is manifest pure,

LOVE with the training of brains to infuse

LOVE till LOVE is more than a muse

LOVE till it’s Force breaks their need to abuse,

LOVE till death is just a token,

Of who was then, now joined, still broken,

And yet we LOVE all – as Love is spoken,

LOVE till our Love combines, bands and grows,

Till we act as one Force, and everyone knows,

That LOVE is the cure that masters all foes,

LOVE till the universe shines its hue,

It’s message clear, it’s joinder in you,

LOVE till it hurts NOT to love each anew,

Then know this truth, now complete in you,

Each life holds precious LOVE to brew,

Together, we are one, The Force is YOU. ©

Copyright 2017 and beyond, all rights reserved, for all of us.

POTS of Leia Love to you!

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