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Princess Leia Lucas Charged & Incarcerated By San Mateo County, For....Being Herself!

San Mateo County keeps filing criminal charges against me for "forging" own name! However, I've used this name for years. Also, the county has no problem with cashing my tax and court checks in this name, and keeping the money. Hmmmm. Now I'm sentenced to a mental hospital for "corrections" (drugs, I imagine). And, afterwards I still have to stand trial for filing my real name. I am NOT kidding! However, ALL of the charges are basically from this Family Law case which is in the First District Court of Appeals, SF, A150050, and, this CA court will not dismiss my filings. Gotta love them! . Will you, the public, help me, please? I could sure use it. THANKS. And HUGS to you and yours - from the real P. Leia Lucas, (not of Star Wars, that was Carrie. I'm the other one).

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