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    Top 13 Best Fictional Libraries

    Every book lover has drooled over a fictional library at one point in their life. They see or read a description of one and dream about what it would be like to roam through the stacks. Here's my countdown to what I believe are the 13 best libraries from films and literature.

    13. Fahrenheit 451


    In this story the fireman Guy Montag is sent in to burn a women's library and she refuses to leave, choosing to burn alive with her books and causing Guy to question the world he lives in.

    So we don’t actually know what is in this library, but if a person is willing to die with it you know it has to hold some amazing things. Even if the books are only valuable to the owner.

    12. The Music Man


    A library in which the librarian and town dance around singing? You get two in one--items to read and a show.

    11. The Cat Who Series


    In the Cat Who Series, main character and reporter Qwilleran is given a huge inheritance. That inheritance includes a stone mansion with a giant library. It holds thousands of books from rare pieces that are worth millions to secondhand and beloved buys.

    10. Breakfast Club


    Gigantic library with multiple levels and a great sound system! Who wouldn't want to spend their Saturday's there?

    9. My Fair Lady


    Henry Higgins may be rude and a jerk, but this professor has one of the best libraries. Why can’t all libraries be like this?

    8. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


    This library was a masterpiece as Captain Nemo had thousands of books by the greatest minds. His collection covered science, morals, philosophy, and literature-in every language.

    Professor Aronnax: "I thank you for having placed this library at my disposal. It contains treasures...and I shall profit by them."

    7. The Mummy


    Even though Evie makes a mess, most of us book lovers wouldn’t mind putting that library back together as it would allow us to check out all those books. Plus it holds a map to a lost city that holds the Book of Life and the Book of the Dead.

    6. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


    You have a library that has spiral staircases, stain glass windows, and secret treasure underneath. How cool is that? It does rest over the graves of dead bodies...BUT you hold a key to finding the Holy Grail! That's a great tradeoff.

    5. The Swan Princess


    So we only see this library for one scene in the film and it rivals that of Beauty and the Beast. Multiple levels, spiral staircases, and incredibly tall ladders to reach everything.

    4. Hogwarts Library


    Think of all the magical knowledge within in this place? How awesome would it be to roam these stacks and unlock that. Really explains why Hermione likes to spend so much time there.

    3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer


    You have a library that holds tons of books for school along with almost anything on the supernatural. Not to mention it doubles as a training area that holds all kinds of weapons. What else do you need?

    2. The Sandman Chronicles


    The Library in Dreaming holds ever book ever dreamt of, even those that were never written. How awesome would it be to roam those stacks?

    1. Beauty and the Beast


    Do I really need to explain how awesome this library is? I’m sure every book lover has fallen in love with it. Multiple levels, spiral staircases, and comfy chairs in front of the fireplace-it’s a dream come true.