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We Are All The Same

In the wake of "die-in protest" being held around our country, it is important to keep sending a message that as leaders, community members, and members of privileged groups we are responsible to work together to understand one another and move in a direction where we no longer have to be on the defense about the things that make us unique.

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Late at night when your day is over, you go home to a family who loves you and you them. The next day when you use your authority and humbly appeal to the people you serve. Treat them with the care you would want people to treat your loved ones with. Use your authority to gain the respect of the community rather than fear, fear separates people while respect unites us. Become one with your community and watch the positive changes that will take place. You need the community to trust in your ability to protect and serve all regardless of race, religion. or sexuality. Hold yourself accountable to the same things you would hold your community accountable to. Always lead by example.


The world looks on at us in confusion about why we are still having the same fight many years later. Every day in the news I applaud and feel a sense of pride for the people "dying in protest" to spread the word that "Black Lives Matter." Though this is great, let's not forget that Black Lives, White Lives, Asian Lives, Latino Lives, Muslim Lives, Christian Lives, Jewish Lives, LGBT Lives matter. The list could go on forever but the point is that a life is a life and before we stereotype or treat anyone badly, we should take away all of those characteristics and see them just as a human being. We allow irrelevant factors such as color, beliefs, or class determine our perception of people. Everyone is unique in their own right, before you pass a judgement be encouraged to hold a conversation with someone so that you have the opportunity to judge them by their actions solely. Stop relying on inaccurate depictions of different groups of people as a basis for judging them in real life. What's on your t.v. screen is for entertainment not for education. Make it a priority to educate yourself and your children on the importance of getting to know someone's character. So many great opportunities for friendship, learning, and progression are missed when we turn people away because of their outward characteristics.


We all have some type of privilege in the world, and sometimes it is hard to acknowledge that because it is considered our normal. Before you shoot down the complaints or feelings of any minority group (female, gay, people of color, disabled, etc.), accept the fact that you don't understand it because you are not in it. Remember that you don't have to make the problems of others your own, but a little bit of empathy could go a long way in relieving the resentments felt today. Use your privilege to spread love and end oppression.

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