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If Disney Princesses Had Their Own Fashion Blog

A parody fashion blog on Disney Princesses but with a twist. You often see modern reinterpretations of Disney Princesses, but they're rarely told with a modern character background or actual sourced clothing that you could purchase! The Prince Repeller blog is a different viewpoint on princesses and shows people that they can be successful without a "prince". A line of the Disney Princesses but with powerful and independent careers and goals that have a passion for blogging, fashion, crafting and the Internet world in general.

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Snow White / Via

Focused on saving animals and the rain forest. Her character is primarily set in the woods. She is studying rain forest restoration and saving animals lives. She loves brands like Kate Spade, J Crew, Gap and Banana Republic.

Cinderella / Via

Cinderella is known to be a hardworking matron who prepares a lot of her family meals and helps a lot around the house. She is the Queen of DIY and Pinterest. She posts amazing recipes and blogs about how to cultivate a proper home. She sews most of her own clothes and also visits thrift stores.

Sleeping Beauty


Playing with the idea that Sleeping Beauty was sedated throughout most of the film. She is influenced and entranced with music and psychedelics, and is depicted as a dreamer in her own world. She enjoys going to music festivals and writing poetry--basically your modern day hippie. Has goals to have her own dream pop band and be the lead vocalist. Her favorite brands are Nasty Gal, Free People, and Threadsence.

Ariel / Via

Ariel's character is living in typical beach town in Southern California where she doesn't quite fit in and longs to be into the art culture of New York. She is spoiled by her rich father and enjoys curating art, fashion and singing. She is a city girl stuck in a very relaxed slow-paced beach town. Her goal is to be independent and make a name for herself in New York City.


Belle / Via

You can say Belle is a feminist with a passion for literature. She lives in a small village in France where she is around close-minded men. Her goal is to prove her self to her village and show that women can be independent, successful and intelligent.

Jasmine / Via

Jasmine is your young luxury socialite that wants to break her reality TV stereotype and experience teenage normalities. It's a bit of a contradiction though, because she still loves the luxuries of being famous and hopes to become a Bollywood star someday. Currently taking acting classes and has goals to star in a big movie role next year. Loves brands like Valentino, Chanel, and Rodarte.

Tiana / Via

Tiana is an aspiring entrepreneur with a creative fashion sense. Her ultimate goal is to carry out her father's dream of owning her own business. Her style is the craziest out of all the princesses. She loves mixing and matching bold colors and prints. Has a lot of different goals and hopes to become a famous performing artist one day as well.

Rapunzel / Via

Rapunzel is a home schooled Internet/book junkie. She is always stuck at home with a strict mother longing to hang out with her peers and venture out of her home school life. She is very intelligent and enjoys studying astronomy. Her favorite sites are reddit, tumblr and listening to astronomy podcasts.

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