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    15 Things Only A New Paltz Student Would Understand

    Over 6,000 undergraduate students call the campus and surrounding towns of SUNY New Paltz home. The students who make up this colorful community, within the Hudson Valley, know some things to be all too familiar, whether they are alumni, present or prospective student. Check out The Little Rebellion for more New Paltz related stories. By Ava Yurchison and Julia Jenkins

    1. For the best calf workout, you can head to Vandenberg or Southside Hill.

    Rashelle Ripa

    2. All athletes can be seen accompanied by their Gatorade water bottles.

    Ava Yurchison

    3. Having colored hair is as normal as having naturally colored hair.

    Rashelle Ripa

    4. You don't get to be one of the top schools for drug arrests without campus and town police patrolling 24/7

    Julia Jenkins

    5. Your printing quota will deplete faster than your meal plan.

    Julia Jenkins

    6. BoomBox Boy.

    Will the BoomBox Boy

    7. Registering for classes may actually lead to your demise.

    Irene Corvinus

    8. If you somehow survive registering for classes, finding somewhere to park and be on time for class will seal your fate.

    Ava Yurchison

    9. One should expect to wait longer to get service at Oscar's than to eat their food.

    Alexandra LaRosa

    10. You're not safe even on the sidewalks!

    Constantine Gregory

    11. Don't quack up when you leave Hasbrouck.

    Julia Jenkins

    12. Renovations on the library start right as students enter Finals Week.

    Ava Yurchison

    13. Land of Tie-Dye.

    Julia Jenkins

    14. Classic Mohonk Mountain sunset Instagram post.

    Chrisanne Pierson

    15. Finally, Jordan's will forever be Fat Bob's.

    Ava Yurchison
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