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It’s Time To Meet All The Contestants On The New Dog Reality Series “The Pack”

Twelve dogs, one life-changing prize. Let the adventures begin! Watch The Pack now on Prime Video.

In case you haven't heard, The Pack is a new competition series following 12 dogs and their humans as they go on a global adventure to compete for a big prize. Here's a teaser:

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We know you're here for the dogs; so without further ado, let's meet all the contestants.

1. Dog: Jax | Human: Vania | Team: The Free Spirits

Jax and Vania.

2. Dog: Charlie | Human: Donna | Team: The Showstoppers

Donna holds Charlie, a Schnoodle.

3. Dog: Ace | Human: Mark | Team: The Adventurers

Ace, a Border Collie, looking up at Mark.

4. Dog: Duchess | Human: Lucy | Team: The Soulmates

Duchess, a Labrador Retriever, and Lucy. Duchess wears a bandana scarf around her collar.

5. Dog: Snow | Human: Josh | Team: The Icons

Snow, a poodle with coloured paws and tail and a tiny unicorn horn, and Josh.

6. Dog: Bozley | Human: Mitra | Team: The Bohemians

Bozley, a Border Collie & St. Bernard mix, and  Mitra.

7. Dog: Derby | Human: Kentucky | Team: The Goofballs

Derby, a Goldendoodle, and Kentucky. Both dog and person have matching mohawks. Derby wears a t-shirt.

8. Dog: Chance | Human: Linh | Team: The Artists

Chance, a Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher mix, and Linh.

9. Dog: Dixie | Human: Brian | Team: The Big Dogs

Dixie, a Bluetick Coonhound wearing a service dog vest, and Brian.

10. Dog: Allister | Human: Daniel | Team: The Gentlemen

Allister, a Wired Haired Rat Terrier, and Daniel.

11. Dog: Gryffin | Human: Chelsey | Team: The Explorers

Gryffin, an Australian Shepherd, and Chelsea.

12. Dog: Kepo | Human: Chisum | Team: The Trackers

Chisum holds Kepo, a Taxes Blue Lacy.

So now that you've met the Pack, which team do you think will take home the prize? Follow all 12 dogs on their amazing adventure — streaming now on Prime Video.