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Prime Video Is Bringing Back "I Know What You Did Last Summer" As A Dark And Twisted Mystery Series

Everyone is guilty of something... Even YOU! Don't miss I Know What You Did Last Summer, now streaming on Prime Video.

Get ready '90s nostalgia lovers and slasher fanatics, because the remake you’ve been waiting for is here: I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Poster for "I Know What You Did Last Summer" on Prime Video

Prime Video is adapting the classic movie into a TV series filled with murder, major twists, and super-scandalous plot lines.

This time, we follow a group of teenagers in a Hawaiian town.

After a tragic car accident on the night of their graduation, these friends are bonded by a dark secret.

A year later, their past comes back to haunt them as they are stalked by a vicious killer. And everyone is a suspect...

Did one of them crack and turn on their friends?

Or is someone back for revenge?

The twists don't just involve the murder. Each character has something to hide and you'll be obsessed with all the wild secrets being spilled.

Don't miss out on this edgy, new series inspired by the classic slasher! Now streaming on Prime Video.

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And remember, everyone is guilty of something. #iknowwhatyoudid