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8 Amazing Things That Happen When Women Break The Glass Ceiling

When you shatter the glass ceiling — or the glass slipper — life becomes a little more magical.

Women have always had a lot of obstacles to overcome — even Cinderella herself did. Between a demanding stepmother who doesn’t support her dreams to townsfolk who doubt her ability to start a dress business just because she’s a woman, she doesn't have it easy. But what incredible things happen when women are able to defy expectations and break through all barriers?

"Cinderella" poster with Ella wearing a purple gown

When a woman breaks the glass ceiling…

1. She grows more confident.

2. She realizes her self-worth.

3. She creates a pathway for other women to succeed.

4. And she inspires those around her.

5. She gets the energy to keep pressing on.

6. She grows as a person.

7. She gets the recognition she deserves...

8. ...and dreams even bigger.

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