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Richmond Castle Kalutara - The Ultimate Experience Of Age-Old Royalty

This enchanting mansion may look like it belongs in England; but it can be found in Kalutara along Sri Lanka’s South Coast.

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Hold on tight as you are about to witness an explosion of cultural extravagance; take a deep breath and let this spectacular masterpiece take you through the rich history of an Island like no other; where European Colonizers fought to seize; where the kings of yesteryear defended their land.

Richmond Castle

Come take a stride through Richmond Castle and watch the battalions come alive again as you watch in awe. Guaranteeing you of a scintillating experience this monumental building built in 1896 is widely regarded as a unique edifice of its time. Those who are visiting this country for holidays, honeymoon or even if you are looking for wedding hotels in Sri Lanka there’s a myriad of hotels and resorts the likes of Mermaid Hotel & Club which gives easy access to many attractions.

The 19th Century mansion

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You will come across a rather striking site that would remind you perhaps of a historic building one may see in England. Named Richmond Castle, this two-storied mansion has 99 doors and 34 windows and is set amidst a 42-acre estate.


A perfect fusion of Indian and British architecture brought together by the hands of a British architect this majestic building was the stylish residence of Regional Governor named Wijesinghe Siriwardene. This grand Castle though seemingly wondrous bespeaks the treacherous life story of Young Don Arthur Wijesinghe the son of an accomplished planter a product of British education who returned to Sri Lanka to be named the Mudaliyar of the Kalutara district.

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