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Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka – Four Of The Finest Destinations

The enigmatic island of Sri Lanka has an astonishing array of amazing attractions for you to experience, from ancient heritage sites to blissful beaches and magnificent mountains.

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Wikipedia Commons / Via

This natural deep-water harbour is a beautiful place to experience the splendour of Sri Lanka’s east coast. It is also a place of much history, where you can discover the ancient and not-so-ancient heritage of the island.

Galle / Via

It would be a shame to visit Sri Lanka and not head to Galle which is home to the largest remaining fortress in Asia from the days of Portuguese and Dutch colonisation. There are many Galle hotels to choose from within easy reach of the fort, such as The Fortress Resort & Spa.

Adam’s Peak / Via

This mountain has a footprint-shaped indentation on its peak, and is revered by Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and Hindus too; the Buddhists believe the footprint belongs to Buddha, Muslims and Christians believe it is where Adam, the first man, set foot on Earth, and the Hindus believe the footprint to be of Lord Siva.

Wilpattu National Park / Via

This is one of the most reputed national parks on the island and is entwined with the most ancient history of Sri Lanka; many believe it to be where Prince Vijaya and Kuweni, the earliest ancestors of the Sri Lankan people, met.

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