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12 Of The Best Things About Getting An Online Degree

Stand tall, Onliners. You've made a good choice. Love,

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1. Three words: Pajamas. All. Day.

2. You can multitask in ways that would never be possible in a lecture hall.


You're listening to a lecture AND you're reading Game of Thrones. And no one's gonna tell you you can't.

3. You have other options besides gross dining hall food.


Freshman 15? Please.

4. Oh no! You're late for class! Oh wait, no, that's literally impossible.


Sleep in, princess.

5. The price is right.

6. So many college classes from traditional universities are available online now anyway.


Look! iTunes is basically giving 'em away.

7. Dorms are the worst, and dorm roommates are also the worst.


Good choice.

8. Your workspace looks like this:

9. As opposed to this:

10. If you don't put your phone on silent, your professor won't put you on blast.


Text away, friend.

11. No need to feel embarrassed about asking questions! It all happens on the internet.

12. If your Wi-Fi breaks, it's essentially a snow day.

Here's to you, you magnificent Onliners.

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