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The 5 Types Of Whiskey Drinker

What Type of Whiskey Drinker Are You?

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1. The Sophisticated

You're a sophisticated soul, you enjoy the finer things in life. You have many leather-bound books and your apartment smells like rich mahogany. Your Whisky of choice is a single malt. Like yourself, you like them aged and mature, perhaps a 12 year Jura or an Aberlour. You drink alone or in the company of other sophisticated beings.

2. The Unsophisticated

You've identified this magical tipples ability to transform you into a social juggernaut. Under its powers you are the life force of every party and you don't care who knows it. Kind of Whiskey? Who cares! As long as somewhere on the bottle it says Whiskey you're happy!

3. The Expert

You are the Tiger Woods of Whiskey, the top of your game. You know your malts from your blends, your Glenfiddich from your Glenrothes. You love the smell of Whiskey in the morning! You can't decide which is your favourite, because to you, they are all your children!

4. The Wannabe

You are a disgrace to the world of Whiskey. You talk a good game, but when it boils down to the play you fumble at the first line. You begrudgingly swallow this water of life because you think it will earn you man points, when really you'd prefer a Martini.

5. The Rockstar

You are a Golden God! You've one true friend on this planet and his name is Jack. You eat your cereal with Whiskey. You brush your teeth with whiskey. You're so Whiskey you're endorsed by Whiskey!

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