How Well Do You Know The Lies Of Pretty Little Liars?

You might be a diehard fan, but can you really keep up with the lies and secrets of Pretty Little Liars? Probs not, but we challenge you to do so—then relive the best moments from last season with the Season 3 DVD – own it on 6/4! Can’t wait for the new season to begin? Pre-order the Season Pass on iTunes today! New season starts June 11 on ABC Family.

  1. 1. Which one of Melissa's boyfriends has Spencer NOT made out with?
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    1. Wren Kingston
    2. Ian Hastings
    3. Jason DiLaurentis
  2. 2. Why does Spencer and Melissa's dad hate Jason?
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    1. He is their half brother
    2. He caught him kissing his wife
    3. His drug abuse
    4. He blames Jason for Alison’s death
  3. 3. Who paid Ezra's baby's momma to stay away?
    1. Aria’s dad
    2. Ezra
    3. Ezra’s mother
    4. Jackie Molina
  4. 4. Who hits Wilden with their car?
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    1. Ashley
    2. Ezra
    3. Ali
    4. Caleb
  5. 5. Which isn't a secret Aria kept from her mother?
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    1. Her relationship with her teacher
    2. What caused Jenna to lose her site
    3. That she had a miscarriage in Iceland
    4. She saw her father kissing another woman
  6. 6. Who helps Wilden after he was hit by the car?
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    1. Jenna and Hannah
    2. Jenna and Spencer
    3. Jenna and Shana
    4. Jenna and Toby
  7. 7. Where was Ali's missing body found?
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    1. Spencer’s barn
    2. An ice chest
    3. Byron’s truck
    4. Cape May
  8. 8. Spencer discovers that who is a part of the A team?
    Danny Feld / Getty Images
    1. Lucas
    2. Toby
    3. Wren
    4. Caleb
  9. 9. Who does A frame for stealing the Rosewood Church Bell?
    1. Jason DiLaurentis
    2. Garrett Reynolds
    3. Paige McCullers
    4. Jamie Doyle
  10. 10. Caleb's uncle is really...
    Bruce Birmelin / Getty Images
    1. Ali’s murderer
    2. In a relationship with Ashley
    3. A member of A Team
    4. His biological father
  11. 11. Who was the Black Swan during the Masquerade ball?
    1. Melissa Hastings
    2. Ella Montgomery
    3. Mona Vanderwaal
    4. Spencer Hastings
  12. 12. Aria is trapped in a crate with what?
    1. Snakes
    2. Rats
    3. Toby
    4. Garrett’s corpse

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