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    15 Things Bollywood Has Taught Me

    Bollywood isn't just a bunch of good looking people dancing around. It's a guide to the perfect life.

    Here We GO

    1. Get your ass into shape! Now!

    2. If you don't get your sari wet at least once in a song, you will never be a real heroine.

    3. This will certainly help you cement yourself in the eyes and minds of the women of the whole nation.

    4. Dance like nobody is watching.

    5. Don't ever get into a fight if you don't know how to split a bullet.

    6. Parkour isn't just a sport. It's a way of life.

    7. A nerd is always bound to transform into a sex bombshell, eventually. Just wait and watch.

    8. Pouring water on your shirtless body in front of a million people is normal and acceptable.

    9.You just have to accept how beautiful you are.

    10. If Shah Rukh Khan is doing this, you better run into his arms.

    11. Holding hands is better than kissing. Period.

    12. Personal hygiene is always appreciated.

    13. Throwing shade is an art form you have to master.

    14. Nobody knows fashion like Bollywood.

    15. Visit Khandala atleast once.

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