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Which Vernon Diaries Gal Are You?

You know it's important to find out (life changing!!)

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  1. What will you have for breakfast?

    Two eggs cooked in coconut oil and avocado toast
    Two egg whites
    Left over pizza or white cheddar KD
    A choice of leftover pizza, or maybe you're feeling healthy today and have granola
  2. Order a drink on campus (non-alcoholic for once)

    Soy Vanilla Latte
    Steeped tea
    Half hot chocolate, half coffee
    Also half and half from tims
    Black coffee or some unpronounceable fancy coffee contraption
  3. Where will you be studying on campus?

    McCain Quiet Room
    Wherever people are (I don't like to be alone)
    Mix it up
  4. Order food on campus.

    Power wrap from Pete's
    Steak sandwich from Tims
    Bagel toasted dry from Tims
    Bring your meal prep
  5. You earned extra money, what will you spend it on?

    Aritzia, I need some retail therapy
    Food, sushi and garlic finger please (make that delivery)
    PIZZA... no I'm not sharing my large, don't touch my pizza
    Spend it on my friends for their bday drinks
    New workout clothes
  6. It's been a long day (it's 2pm) how do you relax?

    Nap for 3 hrs (that's normal right?)
    Watch cooking shows
    Aint not rest for the wicked, lets go to the gym
    Order some sushi
    Haven't even woken up yet
  7. Pick a sporting event at dal to go to.

    Rather be at the gym instead
  8. Pick a show to binge watch

    13 Reasons Why
    Quantico or Greys
    Some random cooking show
    Stupid YouTube videos
  9. Pick your ideal guy?

    Skinny, do you play hockey?
    Chocolate ;)
    Dark haired fuckboys
    Latissimus Dorsi (aka you better have some big muscles dude)
  10. How long does it take for you to get ready at night?

    Literally 15 minute miracle transformation
    2 hours (is my cab here already?)
    As long as it takes to contour the cheek bones
    1 hour, not too high maintenance right?
    45 minutes, take time to make this face look presentable
  11. Pick your poison for the night?

    Vodka Cran Blackflys
    White Bacardi
  12. You get DJ privileges, what will you play?

    90s Rock
    Chance the Rapper
  13. What will you be doing at the pre?

    Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
    Dancing on elevated surfaces
    Beer pong
    Hitting on guys and taking snap selfies
    Drunk idiot mess 1
    Drunk idiot mess 2
  14. What type of drunk do you turn into?

    Sexual, very sexual, too sexual
    A mess, a hungry mess
    Give the boys the "look"
    Find me on the d-floor
    "I'm not taking care of you tonight" but will turn into the mom of the group
  15. Calling the cab?

    UghI got it you drunk idiots
    I got it, they know my name by now
    Sorry I'm too drunk, can I put my ID's in my boobs?
    Do I have to?
  16. You're going out, where will you end up?

    "Lower Cheers"
    Lower deck
  17. Congrats, you've made it out, what will you be doing at "lower cheers" now?

    Find me at the pole
    Bathroom, you really need to pee
    Following your friends
    With a guy
    Bar, you need a drink
  18. Ok, you're gone, so why not order another drink. what will you have?

    Double vodka cran
    Double vodka soda 2 limes plz
    Jagger bombs!!!!!
    Literally anything
  19. Busting out some d-floor moves now that you're liquored up, what will you be doing?

    Tongs out shoulder sways
    Drop it low (or as low as you can)
    Controlling drunk idiot friends
    Giving guys the "look"
  20. Time to head home, how will you go?

    Cab with the person you're hooking up with
    With the BF after poutine
    Walking home in the rain from dome
    Get dragged to the casino first
    Cab with friends
  21. Where will you end up at the end of the night?

    On the floor with an empty box of Willy's
    One of the "boyfriends" place
    Snuggling with Jess
    In your own bed
    Honestly who even knows, you're unpredictable and mysterious
  22. Pick a late night snack.

    PIZZA/POUTINE (strictly willys)
    Whatever leftover food you have
    CHEESE and peanut butter
    Order garlic fingers
    Nothing, you crash
  23. You woke up the next morning with...

    Covered in poutine
    All your IDs and only spent 60 out of 80$ (YAY)
    Some non-english texts
    One of the chocolate BFs
    Weirdly without a hangover even though you definitely deserve it, but with lots of questionable decisions

Which Vernon Diaries Gal Are You?

You got: Petra

Well you got the short end of the stick since you have destroyed your liver (even though you get drunk from 3 coolers, wtf?), consumed enough caffeine to ignite a light bulb, and have very questionable music taste ("it's Britney Bitch" is so 2009) but hey, at least you have a killer Aritzia collection, so not all is terrible! You will not go a day without somehow bringing up your GPA and defending Arts, seriously, it's not as easy as it looks, stop hating.

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You got: Alyssa

Dancing on elevated surfaces? Gym? Hell yeah! You get a kick out of embarrassing yourself and everyone around you, and have a talent for making people cringe with sexual jokes (do you even own a strap on?) and your signature laugh (you know which one). But keep on dancing to Caroline, it's your d-floor, it's your world!

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You got: Mackenzie

PIZZA! Nothing is as holy as Pizza, Willy's and Bruno. You probably have the stupidest sense of humour out of anyone in the group and could eat the serving size recommended for an entire family. Willys will always be a must, mostly when you don't remember making it out (probably cause you didn't) or don't remember paying for it. But you do you, keep drinking those vodka crans, no judgement. ODDS?

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You got: Karina

Congrats, you're the hockey bro in the house and thank god for that cause you keep the house knowledgable about sport (YAY sports!). You're also the resident body guard who keeps everyone safe and somehow ensures that we are all looked after. You can't cook a decent steak and burn paper on the stove but that's what Tim's is for right? But hey, Tim's is pure Canadian, just like you, so keep on sleeping in an ice cave and leave your window open in January, the cold doesn't scare you.

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You got: Emma

"I'm not extra!" But like who wants to order Doms or Sushi? You like to treat yourself for very minimal effort, writing a title for the paper is hard work, we get it, sushi break? Also, you're defs not extra... what is extra, it is not you that's for sure.

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