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Christina Aguilera Made An Oreo Commercial

And it appears that the internet is confused.

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Some reactions were mean

I'm really offended by the Oreo ad with Christina Aguilera, she has never performed for a crowd that big.

Via Twitter: @jaeconradd

And Rude.

Via Twitter: @irudelicious

Some were shady

Love supporting my girls @britneyspears and @xtina 💖😌✨

Via Twitter: @codyspearz

Some were disappointed

I searched "Christina Aguilera Oreo" on twitter and...

Via Twitter: @XtinaLevine_

Sarcasm always works

I see Christina Aguilera is doing ads for @Oreo. I knew that kid would finally make it one day

Via Twitter: @K_diddyyy

I mean, she is a singer, after all

I get irrationally upset about that Oreo commercial with Christina Aguilera. It makes zero sense that she's NOT SINGING THE JINGLE

Via Twitter: @kirbiejohnson

Reminder of the Best New Artist curse

Reminder that Grammys gave best new artist to Oreo spokesperson Christina Aguilera over legendary Britney Spears. T…

Via Twitter: @kjfkid


Ariana Grande: MAC Selena Gomez: Pantene Katy Perry: CoverGirl Rihanna: Dior Christina Aguilera: Oreo cookies

Via Twitter: @itsbawbbybitch


Christina Aguilera is seriously giving us Oreo commercials and not a new album.

Via Twitter: @KingBeyonceStan

Maybe the new album is on the way?

BREAKING NEWS!!! Christina Aguilera LEAD SINGLE "Oreo & milk" is coming march 5th off her upcoming album "My Oreo R…

Via Twitter: @artpopfuckedme

But in the end...

Christina Aguilera deserves better than an Oreo commercial.

Via Twitter: @josephanthony_g
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