10 High-School Stereotypes

there are some kinds of people that were made to be in high school. they may your closest friends or bitterest rivals. these aren’t targeting any kind of individual or group as all these people are what makes up the whole high school experience

1. 1. the ‘athletic kind’

so if you are a boy, you probably know these guys they are the jocks that get it all. they throw huge parties, have hot girlfriends and so many girls crushing on them that they make you feel shallow

2. 2. people who love themselves aka. the clique

these chicks are hot and insecure so they decide to hang around together. they might be bitches to others and sometimes each other but they occasionally they get real (never)

3. 3. the three …….

there are always 3 friends who are very close to each other over a long time very long time. they sit eat and talk together they usually end up having super huge fights and then a huge ‘patch up’ but they always roam around together

4. 4. Mr. Swag

5 points to know if you are mr swag
- You think people around you are lame
- you wear your pants lower than rest of your school
- you collect caps/sunglasses
- u <3 rap
-you and your best friend idealise lil wayne

5. 5. #iain’ttalkingtoyoucuzimab*tch

this person walks around like she/he owns the school, they consider themselves to be the ‘boss’ but frankly #aintnobodygottimeforthat

6. 6. cupid’s target

this person has falls in ‘love’ every weekend and then they ‘fall out of love’ on friday. its like they are a walking target for cupid and every time cupid messes up. if you are a friend of ‘number 3’ you might end up like ‘number 5’

7. 7. deadly-weird combination

this means that this person can be 2 completely opposite things like smart-jock, athletic nerd, hot-cat girl

8. 8. the mystery

for those of you who watch revenge, you would understand but for those who don’t -
this person is hot and most likely to be someones crush. they have something to hide- an identity, a secret or a possession keep. this person comes with a lot of baggage!!

note: not emo

9. 9. the artist

intact with emotions and emoticons

10. 10. the ‘awkward - nerdy’ friend

these are the intellectual brainiacs that are gonna graduate from ivy leagues.
note: they may not be fun now but in the future you can swim in their pool and borrow their private jets :P

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