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So On Friday Last Week, Our ProAcDoc Healthcare App Reached 5000 Downloads!

So on Friday last week, our ProAcDoc healthcare app reached 5000 downloads! Our app has been downloaded more times than over 1.5 million other apps available anywhere in the world. To say we are delighted would be the understatement of the century and an idea that was thought of one Sunday afternoon by Alok Sharma Prateek Sharma, is now a must-have app for every health aware user, in India and the world. Our next goal is 10000, then 50,000 then the mighty 1 million! For everyone that has downloaded it already, we thank you. For anyone wondering if they need it- you just do! Even if you are not owed money now, it will give you immense peace of mind knowing the app has your back if ever you are. Cheers Download ProAcdoc Now…

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