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    When A Student From The United States Goes To COP21...

    Eight students represent the American Chemical Society at the climate talks in Paris. Like our Facebook page Students on Climate Change for more adventures from Paris.

    1. You get blamed for ALL methane emissions from cows.

    Jill Leaness

    A French climate activist will stare you down and insist that you and your people's excessive beef consumption is responsible for killing the planet. (And it doesn't matter that you are a vegetarian)

    2. You get really excited when you see free food, but it turns out to be cooked in smog...from LA.

    Prakriti Shrestha

    Don't worry, it came with a warning label: "Eat at your own risk". This contains dust &grit, eggs, gluten, hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, nuts, orange, pine rocks, soot, sugar, sulfur, terpenes.

    3. You get asked by security (in french) to take a sip of your water, but instead you chug the whole thing as the security guards laugh hysterically.

    Jill Leaness

    Took a few minutes to realize that they only wanted you to take just one sip to prove it is water. To be fair, I bet we have we all chugged our water bottles at the last minute while standing in the airport security line.

    4. Your country is always the star of the show.

    Jill Leaness

    Such a proud moment, seeing your country's name written on all of these signs.

    5. You ask someone to take your picture in a face-in-the-hole exhibit and then realize they are a high ranking government official for another country.

    High ranking government official.

    Well, she happily obliged. Guess the negotiations could wait.

    6. A French party member says "désolé" and takes the chair you were sitting on right out from under you and carries it away.

    Jill Leaness

    Hope it was for somebody important!

    7. You knock over your chair and drop your phone as you sprint across the room to take a selfie with Jane Goodall...and are slightly disappointed when someone insists on taking the photo for you.

    Nice man accompanying Jane Goodall

    Jane Goodall. Enough said.

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